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Laying Instruction

Pre Paration of Walls

Walls must be level, firm and rigid. Make sure the surface to be tiled is clean and free from dust, oil, grease, wallpaper and flaking paint etc. Plasterboard cement sheeting should be primed with Primer Grout Additive prior to tiling.

Water Proofing

A common misconception is that if an area is tiled then it is waterproof. The fact is that tiles and grout do not provide an effective waterproof barrier. An effective waterproof barrier is one that is seamless and does not allow water to penetrate the substrate.

Grouts and Adhesives

We sell and recommend Construction Chemical grouts. The grouts come in 20 different colours, full instructions for mixing and applying grouts are on the packs. The adhesives are available in DIY volumes up to trade packs depending on the size of the project.

Choose the right Product

There are multi-purpose products that cover most situations but not all! When choosing a product you will need to take into consideration various factors including substrate type and service conditions. i.e. internal, external, type of tile etc.

Fixing Wall Tiles

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